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"Our goal is to create interactive experiences and content that no box can hold" -- RW Bivins, Founder

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: The Team

RW BIVINS About the founder: RW BIVINS...

RW BIVINS is an accomplished songwriter, composer, nerd and technology entrepreneur.

He has collegiate certifications in 3D Animation & Modelling, Cinematography/Videography, Photography, Digital Art and Multimedia Development. He has done a lot in his life from releasing music albums, participating in professional wrestling, building technology companies and establishing a presence in the IT and communications field. His main passions in life are entertainment, gaming and technology.

Bivins has been credited and involved in the release of over two dozen video game titles. As a pioneer in the "retrogaming" field and one of the first leaders in "retrogame publishing" - his company OlderGames had started from a $500 idea and dream have become a leading drive for bringing unreleased/abandoned video game projects to consoles. He has been involved in many projects for the 3DO, Sega CD, CD-i and PC. He has been featured on TV, Games(tm) Magazine, Edge Magazine, Game Informer and more.

Unlike most game companies, OlderGames was built for fun, not profit. At the end of its lifetime he had been in talks with Rob Landeros of Trilobyte to secure rights to develop a 3rd installment to the "7th Guest" franchise. Due to time constraints, inability to reach a mutual agreement on the project and the lack of technology being on par with the vision he wanted, Bivins exited the game industry with an idea he called "Hell Hotel". During the final days of his prior company he had a nearly finalized release of his proprietary middleware engine "ENIGMA".

The company specialized in "classic consoles" and to do mass market titles he realized it would take years and a completely fresh start in the business to build the studio he wanted from the ground up.

It was in those years of absence from the game industry that he watched technology improve to the point where his idea of the "total mindf*ck of a story" could be realized. The game development industry has never been more open to small studios and independents' making their mark than it is today. This is the industry he always wanted to see it become. He championed homebrew and indie development and small teams in the early 1990's, now the game industry is championing them.

And what of the game project idea a decade in incubation? Its working title is "PROJECT X" and the studio is called Nurviz
T Entertainment. With professional level tools available to developers at entry level prices, powering technology that was only a dream in the 1990's, Bivins is now readying his new studio and game projects to meet the world.

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